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Welcome to EV!

You're seeing this message because it's your first time here (or because you haven't closed it)! Welcome! If you'd like to check out more about us, you can find that information in the data terminal.

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Welcome to New Mesa

This is the New Mesa Citizen Terminal (NMCT), where you'll find all the information you need about the city of New Mesa, its residents, and a bit about the world beyond. It's also where we'll tell you a bit about Effervescence as a site.

The setting of Effervescence is what we've dubbed decopunk noir. We're a 1920's gangsters and coppers style roleplay in a gritty near-ish future setting. We aren't in space, we're still on Earth, but we utilize some advanced technologies. The aesthetics are very open, anything from 1890's art nouveau to modern day ultra-sleek minimalism, it's all a-okay. Mix and match, use it to create new styles, whatever you please, so long as it fits the general atmosphere.

As far as our inspirations for Effervescence, we draw heavily from Bioshock, Transistor, Deus Ex, The Great Gatsby (or any of Fitzgerald's work, really), and any and all noir films.


All of our play takes place in the city of New Mesa, which sits on the eastern coast of what used to be the United States of America. The larger government disintegrated long ago, leaving behind powerful city states, one of which is New Mesa. Were you to point to a 21st century city for placement, New Mesa would be roughly 50 miles north of New York City.


This is a sandbox site. While there are some major conflicts that help aid in players establishing and continuing their characters' plots, the staff does not provide overarching story-lines for the player to take part in. Many of the plots that do take place revolve around the handful of prominent gangs in New Mesa, the Public Peace Keepers (PPK), and the various corporations. Gang politics, crime, crime fighting, and small-scale personal plots are what drive us.

It's important that when you're creating a character you keep in mind how they will be able to interact with our established groups and figures. We want you to be able to be involved in the plots as quickly as possible, but you are ultimately responsible for this, and it all begins at character creation.