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U7 Database

Welcome, resident, to the U7 database. This houses all of the information about the citizens of New Mesa listed in descending alphabetical order. The short "identification cards" you see here only provide the most basic information, to learn more about a specific resident, you may do so by clicking on the "see full dossier" button at the bottom of each individual card.
PLEASE NOTE! U7 database cards are required for each new resident that is created. If you need to submit a resident card, please click here and follow the instructions on the page.
Full Name: Adler, Phaedra ROccupation: Escort, Information BrokerDOB: 12/03/2194Citizen: N
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Full Name: Bishop, Sloane OOccupation: BrokerDOB: 03/04/2180Citizen: N
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Full Name: Cassidy, Leonel AOccupation: InvestorDOB: 04/01/2180Citizen: Y
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Full Name: Fairchild, Fairfax FOccupation: Smuggler, DealerDOB: 01/01/2202Citizen: N
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Full Name: Grae, Eleanor MOccupation: Singer, CelebrityDOB: 07/09/2194Citizen: Y
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Full Name: Holst, Samantha GOccupation: PPK CadetDOB: 16/07/2201Citizen: N
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Full Name: Manetta, SimoneOccupation: Mob boss, President of RFFDOB: 04/15/2184Citizen: N
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Full Name: Murdock, ViktorOccupation: CleanerDOB: 11/04/2174Citizen: N
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Full Name: O'Connor, MaxwellOccupation: Mobster, head of ConsurgoDOB: 05/27/2182Citizen: N
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Full Name: Valentine, Danny COccupation: Mob EnforcerDOB: 03/17/2191Citizen: N
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