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Sloane Bishop
FULL NAME: Sloane Olivia Bishop KNOWN ALIASES: Sloane Miletto, "the liaison" FACE: Amy Adams DOB: 03/04/2180 POB: Midtown CITIZEN: N OCCUPATION: Broker AUGMENTS: Y ITEMIZED AUGMENT LIST:
Augment Name: Telechip ATR1000.32
Description: What it says on the tin. Installed illegally, but well; In New Mesa, money can buy a good surgeon.

Augment Name: Cyberjack (BUI + Cyberjack)
Description: Left eye. Meant originally to aid Sloane in maintaining her schedule and connections as an art broker, her Cyberjack now serves a more nefarious purpose. Allowing her access to her personal databank, the BUI is both a means of communicating with the outside world as well as a secure and instantaneous line to the information needed for Sloane to do her work. Installed legitimately, paid in full.
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Sloane Bishop
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